Right now i’m just a one man show bringing in my experienced help as necessary. Nothing too small! I’m willing to look at all work from adding outlets, installing ceiling fans, kitchen remodels, additions, new house builds, full blown commercial build outs & electrical troubleshooting.

Safety and security is our first priority. We also want to be sure that we take all the steps necessary to protect your home and business. We want to ensure that we provide the consumer with accurate and up to date electrical safety and security information.



Reliant Electric & Power INC. can install or replace the ceiling fan in your home. Leave ceiling fan installation up to the professionals. Because of the hot summers in NC, a ceiling fan is a necessity. Most people enjoy ceiling fans because they can keep you feeling cool, but they also help save money on home cooling cost. Installing ceiling fans are a challenge and can be dangerous. Have your ceiling fan installed by Reliant, relax and let the “Professionals you can Trust” take care of the rest.


Interior home lighting can add flair and beauty to your home. If you are remodeling, adding new features or just need old lighting fixtures replaced, Reliant Electric & Power can help you with your home lighting requirements. We can replace and install canned lights, track lights, pendant lights, recessed lights, sconces lights, lantern lights and any other indoor lighting. Whatever your electrical needs Reliant can take care of it all.


Outdoor lighting can accent your home, but it can also provide safety for you and your family. Reliant Electric & Power INC. can install sidewalk lights, landscaping lighting, flood lighting, courtesy lighting, spot lighting, and any other outdoor lighting.  Whatever your outdoor lighting needs Reliant can take care of it all





Every home has an electrical service panel and Reliant Electric & Power INC. can upgrade your service panel to meet your electrical requirements. Electrical service panels are where power enters the home from outside the home and is distributed to the rest of your home. Electrical service panels are most commonly found in garages, closets, and laundry rooms. Over time electrical service panels can become corroded, and damaged. Old electrical panels can cause power surge, power interruptions, flickering lights, and frequent tripped breakers. Other reasons to upgrade the electrical services panel is safety. If your outlets only have two prongs it means that your home electrical system does not have grounded outlets which can be a safety concern. New electrical service panels also protect your appliances by supplying your appliances with good consistent power. Remodeling your home or adding more power requirements can be another reason to upgrade your electrical service panel.


Reliant Electric & Power INC. is trusted by commercial property owners and managers to handle a vast array of commercial electrical services.  Electric Services & Repair, Panel Replacements, Lighting Retrofit and Outdoor & Security Lighting to name a few.  We’ll come to your business, thoroughly review your electrical needs and challenges, then present you with an affordable lighting plan custom designed to fit your business goals.  And anytime you need even the smallest repair, we’re here to get it done for you.





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